As guitarist D.J. Ashba told us recently, there is a lot of new music on the way from his band Sixx: A.M. Turns out we may actually hear some before year's end -- the band just released a teaser trailer for what could be a remix or acoustic-style release.

Perhaps taking a page out of the his other band's playbook -- Motley Crue also teased their just-announced residency at the Hard Rock in Vegas through social networking sites -- Nikki Sixx and friends have been dropping clues about a mystery project via Facebook. First saying "Something is coming for you this December," then posting an image of the band's name with overshadowed by a red number seven, followed by a video of the image with a stripped-down piano-led version of their current single 'This Is Gonna Hurt.'

The video also spotlights the date 12/13/11, which falls on the typical day for new releases -- Tuesday. What exactly fans will be getting that day is unknown at this time, but it's always fun to guess.

The band is coming off of a very successful 2011 -- their single 'Lies of the Beautiful People' was one of the biggest rock songs of the year. They are nominated for both 'Best Rock Song of 2011' and 'Best Rock Album of 2011,' click the respective category to vote for either.