Charlie Sheen may have jumped the shark 6 months ago, but Comedy Central still booked him for one of their infamous roasts. In the following clip you can see Sheen's neighbor -- legendary former Guns N' Roses axeman Slash -- rip a blistering solo as the tiger-blooded warlock takes the stage.

'The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen' taped over the weekend and is set to air on the cable network  September 19th. The lineup of comedians and celebs on the dais this time out include regulars Jeffrey Ross, Seth Macfarlane, Anthony Jeselnik, and newcomers Mike Tyson, Steve-O, and Slash.

Not only did Slash roast his longtime friend and neighbor at the taped skewering, he also lent his guitar mastery as Sheen approached the hot seat. Watch as Slash bends guitar strings, space, time, and kind of forgets what's going on for a minute as he propels into solo-land.