Slash gave us the first sample of what we can expect of from his first full album with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, 'Apocalyptic Love.' Check out the new clip of 'You're a Lie' and see the latest making of webisode here.

Slash with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators are gearing up for the release of their album 'Apocalyptic Love' on May 22nd. The disc marks Slash's second solo album, the first of which featured numerous vocalists and musicians. This time the ex-GN'R guitarist stuck with his touring partners and forged an entire album with them. "I'm a band guy," Slash told Rolling Stone of his decision to do things differently this time.

Slash and the gang will hit the road for a brief tour ahead of the album's release but you wont have to wait until then to hear some of the new material. The band posted a sample of the new song 'It's a Lie' as well as the fourth webisode on the making of 'Apocalyptic Love' -- this one details how they built a special room to accommodate their desire to record the album live.