Slash's wife Perla Hudson is under investigation for allegedly kicking a girl in the stomach!

Rumor has it that Mrs. Slash saw her husband talking to another woman backstage at his L.A. concert  (Slash is currently on tour with Ozzy).  This apparently upset her because she supposedly kicked the chic in her mid-section.

Holy jealous rage!  As of right now no charges have been filed but the victim did file a police report.  I smell a FAT CASH settlement on the way!

I met Slash a few months back with my girlfriends (Corrie, Lisa, Bobbie, Brandy) at the Soaring Eagle Hotel Casino in Mt. Pleasant.  We did a meet and greet backstage before the show and he was super cool.  Later that night we were back in our hotel room when we heard a knock at the door....HOLY %$ was Slash!

He came in and took pictures with us and chatted.  Very cool.  He was nothing but a complete gentleman.  Yeah, I said it!  Slash is a gentleman.

Since I am such a huge GN'R fan I pretty much thought it was the best day of my life.   I am so glad his wife was not there I am sure she would of dropped kicked us for sure!