After the loss of founding member and bassist Paul Gray, Slipknot's future was uncertain at best. Following their European tour dates it was unknown whether or not the band would even share a stage again. According to Corey Taylor we will have another chance to see the band live in the States.

Slipknot was on shaky ground 6 months ago, in our interview with Sid Wilson it was said basically that if their tour dates on the traveling Sonisphere festival did not go well -- the band would be done. Let's all be thankful that that is not the case.

Corey Taylor, who's made it clear he is still dealing with how to be Slipknot without Paul, anounced via Twitter that the he has a lot of things in the works right now -- including plans with Slipknot:

"WHOLE bunch of things being plotted : more solo/book tours in Europe and US, new Stone Sour album a US Slipknot Tour…Gonna be busy!"

Taylor also told us in an interview that a Stone Sour live DVD and accompanying cover disc is in the works for the near future. Let's hope they don't choose the 'Spongebob Squarepants' theme song as one of the tracks for the cover disc.