Over the weekend Slipknot made their way to the stage for the first time since the passing of their bassist Paul Gray. There is a lot riding on the band's short tour overseas and luckily (for us) it appears that their first few gigs have gone well. Check out some video of  last night's show in Berlin here.

Much has been said in the press about the uncertain future of Slipknot, and much of it being said by the band members themselves. Drummer Joey Jordison said that Slipknot would carry on with or without vocalist Corey Taylor. In response, Corey said he didn't know if he'd ever be ready to continue the band without Paul. DJ Sid Wilson even told us in an interview that there were issues that the members may or may not be able to get past. They all agreed that the tour would be the litmus test for the future of the band.

Now the band is out on the aforementioned tour with Donnie Steele filling in on bass, Donnie previously played guitar in an early incarnation of the band. As many had previously believed; Steele did not appear on the stage with Slipknot. At the first show the Knot donned their old school red jumpsuits in tribute to their fallen bandmate Paul Gray, Corey Taylor said of the occasion:

"As you know, tonight is very emotional show for us but it is not, NOT, a negative day. It is a positive day. A day for celebration. This is our first show — with you. Are you having a good time and will you celebrate with us today?"

The band was firing on all cylinders at their first pair of performances in Greece and Turkey for the Sonisphere festival. They played in Berlin last night, we have the setlist and a few videos for you check out below.

01. 742617000027
02. (sic)
03. Eyeless
04. Wait and Bleed
05. The Blister Exists
06. Liberate
07. Before I Forget
08. Pulse Of The Maggots
09. Purity
10. Left Behind
11. Disasterpiece
12. Psychosocial
13. The Heretic Anthem
14. Duality
15. Only One
16. Spit It Out
17. (515)
18. People = S---
19. Surfacing