Slipknot's man behind the turntables, Sid Wilson, has always had a reputation for being the crazy one in the band. Watch this video as he does a 15 foot stage dive while the band performs 'Duality' at Sonisphere's stop in Switzerland last Friday.

Slipknot has been tearing it up overseas the past few weeks during their shows at the traveling Sonisphere festival. The members of the band are on their first tour since the passing of bassist Paul Gray and plan to honor his memory at an upcoming show in an unconventional way. They will be will be hosting 2 minutes of silence for the band's fallen bass player (who went by #2) at 2pm on July 10th during Sonisphere at Knebworth. There will also be a book on-hand in which fans can leave their dedications to Paul Gray; the book will then be given to Slipknot.Since all of their shows are overseas, we have to take what we can get as far as Slipknot goes these days. Check out this epic stage dive/crowd surfing compliments of Sid Wilson from last Friday (6/24).