Hear Soundgarden's 'Been Away Too Long,' the first single from their long-awaited sixth studio album, 'King Animal.'

It's finally here! The first single from Soungarden's sixteen years in the making sixth album, which we now affectionately know as 'King Animal.'

The new track, appropriately titled 'Been Away Too Long,' is a vast departure from the PG version of SG we heard on their 'Avengers' track 'Live to Rise.' Where that particular song was more akin to Chris Cornell's post-Soundgarden works, the first attack from 'King Animal' is a harder-hitting and true to form return of the most avant-garde group of the 1990's grunge scene. If early reviews of the album are accurate, you can expect a surprisingly (and refreshingly) Soundgarden-esque album. Welcome back boys.

Soundgarden - 'Been Away Too Long'

While fans will have to extend that 16 year waiting period almost two more months (November 13th) for the whole album, 'Been Away Too Long' will be made available digitally as of September 27th.

There have been rumors of the band joining forces with fellow grunge titans Pearl Jam for a massive tour. However, the fact that they share the same drummer (Matt Cameron), makes this a highly unlikely possibility. Cameron has previously expressed how physically overwhelming that very task would be, as Pearl Jam alone usually put on three-hour plus shows.

'King Animal' Tracklist

01.  'Been Away Too Long'
02.  'Non-State Actor'
03.  'By Crooked Steps'
04.  'A Thousand Days Before'
05.  'Blood on the Valley Floor'
06.  'Bones of Birds'
07.  'Taree'
08.  'Attrition'
09.  'Black Saturday'
10.  'Halfway There'
11.  'Worse Dreams'
12.  'Eyelid's Mouth'
13.  'Rowing'

'King Animal' Trailer