Soundgarden have never really been a comedic band, but Dave Grohl has injected his signature music video hilarity into the band's latest clip for 'By Crooked Steps.'

Dave Grohl has pretty much worked with everyone in rock music that is still living after his recent star-studded jam session/documentary 'Sound City.' However, no one from Soundgarden was involved with that, so Dave hooked up with the guys and directed their new music video for 'By Crooked Steps.' Dave did what Dave does best, which is create a hilarious video that pokes fun at the "I'm a badass" act most bands put on whenever they're in front of a camera with guitars (we're looking at you, Nickelback).

After being in what is possibly the greatest rock video of all time, Chris Cornell and the guys have pretty much conquered the serious music video. So it's a refreshing change of pace to see such a respected band strap on helmets and race around on segways.

The band was just announce as headliners of the seventh annual Rock on the Range and are currently touring behind their comeback album 'King Animal.' Though Cornell recently said the band is going to keep moving forward, they will likely be taking a break when touring wraps up as drummer Matt Cameron has an album to finish with Pearl Jam and a tour is likely to follow.