Soundgarden recently unleashed audio of their first time playing the 'Superunknown' classic 'The Day I Tried to Live.' It's a rare peek into the band's creative process that is sure to give you goosebumps.

Anyone who has ever been in a band knows how rewarding it can be when a little idea turns into a living breathing thing. There's really nothing like turning a stupid little riff into something that people will identify with and carry with them forever. Most of us (myself included) have never created anything on that level, but Soundgarden has done so many times.

It's rare that anyone outside of the band get to hear said creations in their early, undeveloped stages. Soundgarden, however, are giving fans a listen to the inception of what would later become a classic. This rehearsal of 'The Day I Tried to Live' lets us hear frontman Chris Cornell walking the rest of the band through the song's parts in about two minutes. They then play it together for the first time and despite all the rough edges -- you can hear the magic in the room.

This (and several other demos, B-sides, etc.) have us super excited for their upcoming 20th anniversary re-release of 'Superunknown,' which is due April 19th. You can get the full list of what's included by clicking here.