After reuniting in 2010 Soundgarden hasn't been very vocal about their plans for the future. Now just months after they release Telephantasm, they announce their first ever live album is slated for March. 

Some of the things band members have mentioned as possibilities for this year have included albums of new material, B-sides, and live performances. It looks like the first of these we will see from Cornell & Co. is a live copmpilation album recorded on their 1996 west coast tour. According to Soundgarden this album has been ready to go for a while and now is the time to "unleash the fury". Live On I5 is scheduled for release March 22, here is the tracklist; 


01. Spoonman
02. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
03. Let Me Drown
04. Head Down
05. Outshined
06. Rusty Cage
07. Burden In My Hand
08. Helter Skelter
09. Boot Camp
10. Nothing To Say
11. Slaves And Bulldozers
12. Dusty
13. Fell On Black Days
14. Search And Destroy
15. Ty Cobb
16. Black Hole Sun
17. Jesus Christ Pose 

Looks like we'll have to keep waiting on the unreleased B-sides and new recordings from the band until at least the fall.