Unlike many bands that get back together after several years of animus, Soundgarden – who are out on their first full-scale, North American tour in 14 years – claim they never felt outside pressure to reunite. According to frontman Chris Cornell, Soundgarden just missed, well, being Soundgarden.

“I don't think we'd be doing it if it wasn't relaxed,” he told the Windsor Star. “There has to be some aspect of that. That's why we really stopped being Soundgarden - because it seemed like the business side of the band had kind of taken on its own life. I think it's important to look forward, and to look forward in a way that's confident and relaxed, as opposed to worrying about the past.”

As for rusty moments after so much time away, Cornell says there aren’t any.

“Even though we had kind of a prolonged break, it didn't feel like it was that long," he said. "And then we just got right back into playing music, and it didn't seem like that much time had gone by or that much had changed.

“It felt really good and natural.”

While Soundgarden fans are stoked Cornell and company are out on tour, what they’re really itching for is new music. And they’re going to get it.

Cornell recently told the Wall Street Journal he’s “really happy with” how the grunge group's news songs are coming along.

“I understand the feeling of the album,” he said. “It’s very true to form for Soundgarden yet you can’t compare it to anything else.”

Why must you tease, Chris? Play the new tracks!

Soundgarden's Remaining 2011 Summer Tour Dates:

07/12 -- Fairfax, Va.
07/13 -- Philadelphia, Pa.
07/14 -- Atlantic City, N.J.
07/16 – Chicago, Ill.
07/18 – Morrison, Colo.
07/20 -- Stateline, Nev.
07/21 -- San Francisco, Calif.
07/22 -- Inglewood, Calif.
07/23 -- Las Vegas, Nev.
07/27 – Calgary, AB Canada
07/29 -- Vancouver, BC Canada
07/30 – George, Wash.