Now you can smoke Harambe too. The legendary gorilla hero is being honored with his very own hybrid strain of marijuana, and some of the proceeds will go to help animals in captivity.

Put away your dicks and get your #RoachClipsOutForHarambe. That's right -- now Harambe has dank memes and dank weed. The folks at Ethos Genetics have created and hybrid strain of marijuana to honor the late Harambe, who has become an internet folk hero following his death.

Harambe's strain contains a mixture of indica and sativa dominant strains, combining Gorilla Glue, Critical Skunk, and Black Fire for what is described as "an extremely potent hybrid." Sadly, the strain may be tough to find in American dispensaries for a while, as seeds are in short supply.

10% of the profits from the strain will be donated to non-kill animal shelters in Colorado. It's a lovely tribute to Harambe, who was gunned down by an employee at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into his enclosure on May 18th, 2016.

We may no longer have Harambe, but at least we can get baked and enjoy his last concert ever.