Staind's seventh studio, self-titled album (released today Sept. 13th) takes them back to their roots -- a place where their music could melt your face -- a long over due return. This album has the deep overdriven guitars and heavy lyrics that echo of 2000's 'Dysfunction' and 2001's 'Break the Cycle.'

It's amazing this album actually happened -- Lewis stated that he and guitarist Mike Mushok were barely on speaking terms during the recording. After the recording had finished, long-time drummer Jon Wysocki left the band, he has been replaced by touring drummer Sal Giancarelli.

Staind kicks off the album with their second single 'Eyes Wide Open,' which sets the tone of the album. Crunchy guitars, thundering drums and Aaron Lewis' melodramatic lyrics makes this a great choice for the lead track. This track shows just how Staind went back to their roots.

'Not Again,' the first single officially released for radio play has that signature melodic feel that Staind is known for without the "whining" that Lewis showed on the last few albums. 'Falling' is in the same boat as 'Not Again,' while still maintaining the heaviness of the rest of the album.

The third track may take some listening to get used to -- Lewis and crew take a different road on this one. The lyrics are choppy, "hip-hop" styled in the beginning; but don't let that deter you, it will make your ears bleed with heaviness.

While playing this album you won't want to shuffle around tracks, it's well balanced, that could be due to the fact that Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust, Pop Evil) produced the effort and most likely had input on the track listing. That being said let's skip a few tracks.

Track 7 'The Bottom' appears on the 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon – The Album' -- it starts out with some awesome crunchy guitars as Aaron Lewis comes in with his melodic vocals. Don't be surprised if this song is around for a long time and becomes one of Stanid's classics.

Rounding out the album is the quintessential Staind ballad, 'Something to Remind You.' It may remind you of their hit 'It's Been Awhile,' but this ballad has more depth and lack of Fred Durst, which is a good thing. The clean guitars layered on top of the sustained notes show a great dynamic to the song.

All in all 'Staind' is the album that Staind fans have been waiting for -- full of aggression, melody driven jams. Full of driving drums, killer guitar solos (which Staind hasn't done in awhile) and Aaron Lewis' killer lyrics. You need to pick it up today!

Watch Staind 'The Bottom' Below