Over the weekend at Rock on the Range 2011, the newest member of the Banana family; Anne Erickson had a chance to talk with Aaron Lewis and Mike Mushok of Staind. See them talk about their return to the 'Dysfunction' sound and concerns over the first performance for the band with a new drummer in this exclusive interview.

In regards to what they were most excited for during their first show together this year Aaron said:

"I haven't really thought about it, I try not to."

Mike says: "I'm trying to block it out because we actually have a new drummer for the show...so it could be interesting. No he's awesome so I think we'll be good. Yeah a true proffesional [agreeing with Aaron], at least some one on stage will be proffesional [laughs]."

Aaron adds: "He's probably the only one that won't make a mistake tonight."

Mike also shed a little light on the new album stating:

"We kinda wanted to go back to where we came from, so it's kind of a return to...the dysfunction days as far as the sound of it goes. So it's a big change from the last record...the last couple records. [The album is] A lot heavier..and as much as I hate when bands say 'it's the heaviest things we've ever done; it is."

They continued by both saying the new album is heavier than their early track 'Mudshovel'. When asked about the first single, Mike replied:

"I don't know. We finish mixing [the album] this week and the labels gotta say their down with it and we'll choose from there. We have ideas though...we'll figure it out."

The band had previously played Rock on the Range and Aaron said that his favorite part is the festival being like a big reunion and they had played shows/toured with almost every band there. He continued by saying he was excited to hang out with/see Korn perform and jokingly called the band their grandparents. When asked about his solo tour dates he said:

"There's a couple of shows I'm doing with Charlie [Daniels]...a couple of shows with Toby Keith, doin' a show or two with Blake Shelton. [Switching between country and rock] Allows me to express my extreme schizophrenia."

Watch the interview below