For months now Staind has said that their upcoming album, recently re-named 'Staind', would act as a time machine for the band's sound; transporting it to their heavier nu-metal roots. As the lyric video for the first single 'Not Again' burns it's way on to the internet, it appears that the band was not exaggerating.

We have heard a few samples of Staind's upcoming self-titled album, which is due September 13th, and all arrows seem to point towards the heavy album that they promised. Speaking to Anne Erickson at Rock on the Range, Aaron Lewis and guitarist Mike Mushok compared the new material to their early track 'Mudshovel' by simultaneously saying 'Heavier'. Mike further elaborated on the sound of the album then titled 'Seven':

“We kinda wanted to go back to where we came from, so it’s kind of a return to…the dysfunction days as far as the sound of it goes. So it’s a big change from the last record…the last couple records. [The album is] A lot heavier...and as much as I hate when bands say ‘it’s the heaviest thing we’ve ever done; it is.”

After hearing their contribution to the 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' soundtrack 'The Bottom', the first album leak of 'Eyes Wide Open', and the first single 'Not Again', there's no denying this is the band's heaviest offering. Having heard three out of ten songs on the new album, I'd say as long as they don't have seven songs like 'It's Been Awhile', the makeover of their sound was a success. Here is the tracklist for 'Staind':

1. 'Not Again'
2. 'Eyes Wide Open'
3. 'Failing'
4. 'Wannabe'
5. 'Throw It All Away'
6. 'Now'
7. 'The Bottom'
8. 'Take a Breath'
9. 'Paper Wings'
10. 'Something To Remind You'

Is it just me or does Aaron sound a lot like Scott Stapp in the first couple lines of vocals?