Not too long ago, in a city not too far away... There was a disturbance in the force, as many New Yorkers embarked on a mission to join more than 500 people in Washington Square Park for the second annual New York lightsaber battle.

OK, so my inner geek is coming out -- or outer geek, depending on how you put it -- I think this would have been a blast, battling a bunch of strangers with toy lightsabers. Find out about the latest flashmob after the jump.

Hundreds of Star Wars enthusiasts embarked on Washington Square Park in New York City for the second annual lightsaber battle. There were people dressed up as zombies -- didn't know they existed in the Federation, but OK -- a Picachu, other motley dressed individuals, confused cops and of course people dressed as their favorite Jedi or Lords of the Sith.

Kevin Bracken, on of the organizers of the event from Nevermindspace, said that nearly 1000 people showed up to participate, with his favorite moment being a Braveheart-style battle with deafening screams from both sides. Bracken was a bit disappointed because there seem to be not enough room, he's hoping next year to find a bigger space to get more people involved.

Check out the videos below.