I didn't even know there was such a thing as Star Wars day until Fantone mentioned it on the air earlier. So it is in the spirit of the national faux-liday that I bring you the original trailer shown to Harlem audiences in early 1977.

The original trilogy is easily the most influential series of films from the 1900's. Thousands of films that followed had elements that were influenced by, borrowed, and straight-up stolen from George Lucas' space opera. There were never film trilogies before Star Wars but after it, three films became the industry standard. 

Ever since the internets became commonplace in American homes, Star Wars was reinvented as something that we can all laugh at (without having to watch the terrible acting/script reading in episodes 1-3). There is no shortage of funny Star Wars vids on YouTube, this one features a re-cut version of a trailer for the original mashed up with Black Dynamite...Enjoy.