Nothing says 'Pure Michigan' like speeding down 75 in winter's grey slush avoiding potholes and traffic barrels.  The state wants to remind you of that every time you get behind the wheel with their new 'Pure Michigan' license plates. 

When ever I think about 'Pure Michigan' I think about Tim "The Toolman" Taylor.  The state however, wants you to think of all the majesty and beauty the within MI and they want you to think about it whenever you're driving.

New license plates will be 'Pure Michigan' themed and there will be two variations to chose from.  The standard is blue and white and features a rolling wave and the 'Pure Michigan' logo.  The upgrade will show the Mackinac Bridge with a setting sun and bright blue water.  The upgrade will cost an extra five dollars on the current plate fees.

New plates will be issued in the spring of 2013.

Source: MLive