The tall haired frontman of metal outfit Static-X, Wayne Static, will be taking his first run at making music on his own this fall. Static just announced his debut solo outing 'Pighammer' will be headed to stores this October.

According to Blabbermouth, the upcoming album is set for release on October 4th via Dirthouse Records. Where most frontman take a departure from their band to showcase their softer side, Wayne Static plans to offer some of his most aggressive yet personal music to date.

The first single 'Assasins of Youth' was written during Static's last days as a drug user, he recalled the experience in the press release:

"I wrote this song while living in a hotel room, listening to Pink Floyd, drinking Crown and doing whippits, I started the song in that condition but never finished it until years later after dumping off the drugs. Now the song has a whole new meaning from when I started it."

Despite finding sobriety, the album's concept is as complicated, funny, and twisted as ever:

The 'Pighammer' concept conjures up bizarre images. It's about a mad plastic surgeon, with a pig fetish, that likes to convert hot chicks into pigs. It is the total opposite if what a plastic surgeon would do. He has this crazy hammer device made from a pig foot. The images of the surgery in the CD package are only a dark comedic visualization of the real theme of the album, which is my transformation."

Static also reflected on his previous success with Static-X:

"It's hard to believe that it's 12 years since the release of [Static-X's debut album] 'Wisconsin Death Trip', and now my warped musical lunacy will take me down a new path of metal destruction. I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the upcoming fall tour."

'Pighammer' Track Listing

01. Pighammer
02. Around The Turn
03. Assassins Of Youth
04. Thunder Invader
05. Static Killer
06. She
07. Get It Together
08. Chrome Nation
09. Shifter
10. Slave
11. The Creatures Are Everywhere
12. Behind The Sky

Check out a preview of the new track 'Chrome Nation'