Steel Panther attempts to finish off the week undefeated after besting huge bands like Korn and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 10 Years will attempt to knock the reigning champs off the throne with their new single 'Now is the Time'.

  • '17 Girls in a Row'

    Steel Panther

    The "Fanthers" have been going 'Balls Out' to support their favorite band this week. Steel Panther even got some help from Corey Taylor this week when he rallied fans to vote for them via Twitter. Can they finish off "Cocktober" (as they've been referring to this month) undefeated in the Cockfight? We will find out tonight.

  • 'Now is the Time (Ravenous)'

    10 Years

    10 Years are back with a new single from 'Feeding the Wolves' and have a huge task ahead of them -- defeating the rabid army of Fanthers. The opening riff could just be the silver bullet that kills the Panther (or does that just work with werewolves?). We'll see what happens tonight at 9.