Last night's bout proved to be a real pissing match between fans of Steel Panther and Evans Blue. The Panther prevailed and will square off against former Korn axeman Brian 'Head' Welch. Let's see whose fans come out in full force tonight in The Cockfight.

  • '17 Girls in a Row'

    Steel Panther

    We learned something yesterday, Steel Panther has some devout fans. They came to The Cockfight in the hundreds to vote their band to victory last night. The band's first single from 'Balls Out' (due in stores Oct. 31st) looks for it's second win in tonight's battle.

  • 'Paralyzed'

    Brian 'Head' Welch

    After leaving Korn years ago to straighten his life out and get right with the man upstairs, Brian Welch is back with his second solo outing on the 'Paralyzed' EP. The full enchilada wont be out until next year, but you can hear the title track right here.