Steel Panther massacred RHCP last night in The Cockfight, now they will really be tested. The "Fanthers" have really put up some votes this week, but will they be able to outnumber Korn fans tonight. '17 Girls in a Row' will face the new Korn and Skrillex track 'Narcisstic Cannibal'.

  • '17 Girls in a Row'

    Steel Panther

    The Panther has dominated The Cockfight this week thanks to their die-hard following. They've already defeated a former member of Korn this week (Brian 'Head' Welch) in what was the closest match they've had. It will probably be quite a battle tonight, but if we've learned anything this week -- it's that you can never underestimate Steel Panther.

  • 'Narcissistic Cannibal'


    Korn is back with another track that re-invents their sound (and again featuring dubstep artist Skrillex) -- 'Narcissistic Cannibal'. The latest from 'The Path of Totality' (due December 6th) sounds like another huge hit for Korn, but you will decide that tonight with your votes.