Patrons of the Silk Exotic nightclub in Juneau, Wis. definitely got their monies worth when two exotic dancers scrapped it out onstage over a $1 tip.

Customers and other performers had to separate the two women as they reportedly exchanged blows and pulled each other's hair when a customer tried to give one stripper a single dollar. However, the other stripper thought the money was intended for her. When the finally glitter settled, police undressed both ladies to the tune of $250 for disorderly conduct.

No medical attention was required by of the women, although one of them was pregnant at the time of the altercation (Yeah, we’re not surprise either). A quick view of the clubs website shows it billing itself as "the trendiest, sexiest, most exclusive, topless & full nude Gentlemen's Club in the Midwest." Yeah, right. Way to stay classy Wisconsin.

[Source: Huffington Post]