As if high school is not difficult enough. Imagine opening up your yearbook and seeing that your last name had been changed to 'masturbate'. This actually happened to a girl  in Missouri.

Kaitlyn Booth, 17, was arrested and charged with first-degree property damage, a felony, and harassment after allegedly changing the last name of Raigan Mastain to 'masturbate'. The cost of changing all of the already printed yearbooks would have been $41,000. Obviously the school does not have that kind of cash, so her name was changed online and staff spent 12 hours covering the bogus name with stickers.

I love a practical joke, but this was a complete dick move. Remarkably, Raigan is not letting this prank get the best of her. According to the Huffington Post, she is kind of annoyed, calling the gag 'stupid', and is actually surprised that Kaitlyn was arrested.

Believe me, that would not be my reaction. As far as I am concerned, Kaitlyn is a bitch. What are your thoughts?