This is pretty crazy.  A  Kansas high school sophomore claims he was tasered and had his arm broken by school officers for wearing baggy pants.

The student, Jonathon Villarreal, said he was walking with friends after school when he was approached by an officer who ordered him to pull up his pants.  Villarreal said he told the officer he could wear the pants how he pleased because he was out of school.

The boy was walking to a bus at the time.  I am unclear if it was a school bus or community bus.  If it was a school bus, I think officers are going to claim that it is still school property and they had the right to ask him to pull up his pants.

That is when he claims one officer pulled him to the ground by the neck and told him to stop resisisting arrest.  Villarreal says he was not resisiting.

At one point during the struggle, the young mans arm was broken.  WTF?  There are also claims that he was kneed in the back and hit in the eye.

Finally after trying to get up several times, he was tasered by one of the  officers.

Of course, the officers have a different side of the story.

They claim he was using profanities and uncooperative. So that gives them the right to taser him and break his arm?

An investigation is under way and the teens family is looking into legal action.

Yes, I realize there are two sides to every story, but as of now, I think the officers were out of line.