Shortly after he walked off the stage mid-performance in Hawaii, Sublime with Rome drummer Bud Gaugh announces during a group interview that he is quitting the band.

After the onstage meltdown Sublime with Rome had at a recent gig in Hawaii, the band said that they had all made nice and settled the misunderstanding that drove Gaugh to walk out on his band. As we previously speculated, a few of the statements that the band posted following the incident were strangely conflicting --  saying that they were not broken up in one post and that they had to make some big decisions about 2012 in another.

Things all started to make sense in a recent interview with the band, when Gaugh abruptly announced that he was about to play his final show with Sublime with Rome -- citing his impending fatherhood as the reason after some awkward hesitation from the rest of the band to explain the split. Bassist Eric Wilson quickly replied, "Josh Freese" when asked what Gaugh's departure meant for the future of the group -- frontman Rome Ramirez stated more clearly that the well-known Freese would be taking over drumming responsibilities for the band.

Josh Freese has played in several well known rock bands with various levels of permanency, including Nine Inch Nails, Guns N' Roses, and most recently left A Perfect Circle's tour to honor a touring obligation with Weezer.