During a concert last week in Hawaii, Sublime with Rome fans witnessed drummer Bud Gaugh angrily walk off stage in the middle of a song. The scene fueled multiple break-up rumors, but the latest statement from the Sublime camp says that is not the case.

Sublime with Rome's November 20th performance in Honolulu was a far cry from the mellow "no worries" vibe you would usually feel at one of their shows. According to TMZ, the meltdown started when the band's manager Mike "Cheez" Brown strapped on a guitar to join the band during the end of their show -- as he has previously done without incident.

Cheez claims that drummer Bud Gaugh had an issue with his performance and began hurling insults at him and urging him to leave the stage. Gaugh even got the crowd involved by having them chant "Go home Cheez." The drummer then furiously marched off stage, leaving his band to complete the show without him.

TMZ claims that a source close to the band says that the guys have "buried the hatchet" and were laughing about the incident the next day. Their report (which was titled 'Sublime with Rome: Yeah We Fought...But We're NOT Broken Up') was later re-posted to the band's Facebook page, but after they posted the following statement:

"We are so grateful that the fans have brought us out to Hawaii ! We had an amazing weekend . I'm really starting to notice the fans singing to all the new music and it's the most amazing feeling. we are making some important decisions about next year and we truly are very appreciative for everything you the fans have supported us in . We love you . -Sublime with Rome"

An ominous statement like that could send some mixed signals, but the latest report indicates that the dispute was settled and the band is still together. Although, Cheez may not be joining the band on stage again -- the manager says that he will stay off of the stage until he is given Bud's blessing to return.