Grammy winning singer songwriter Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment just yesterday, but the out-pour of sorrow from the music community has been tremendous. Sublime with Rome frontman Rome Ramirez even recorded a cover of the deceased singer's biggest hit 'Rehab' to honor her memory.

There are usually two opinions about tributes to deceased musical artist: "How dare they?" and "That was a cool way to honor (Artist's name here)." Rome Ramirez most likely falls in line with the latter of those two reactions. He has been fronting the surviving members of Sublime, playing their back catalog as well as new songs under the moniker Sublime with Rome for about two years. Stepping into the shoes of a beloved fallen musician is his day job, so he had no qualms about paying tribute to the recently deceased Amy Winehouse when some would think it to be taboo. Rome posted the following statement (along with the video below) on the Sublime With Rome Facebook page:

"I recorded this tribute for Amy Winehouse after I heard the news of her passing. She is a huge inspiration to my music. We miss you Amy."