What happens when Tara Reid and an army of sharks meet a tornado? You get one hell of a s--- storm with a shoestring budget and a timeslot on Syfy. Get ready for what is possibly their best/worst movie to date, 'Sharknado.'

Sometimes I wish I worked in the Syfy movie production offices. It's like every week, the employees try to combine the most ridiculous scenarios and think of obscure, yet recognizable -- and I use the following term loosely -- "actors" to star in their original movies, which clearly cost tens of hundreds of dollars to make. Just the pitch meetings alone would be more entertaining than the movies. Here are a couple ideas I would contribute if I were on staff:

  • 'The Revenge of Robo-Horse' --  A veterinarian (Tia Carrere, Wayne's girfriend in 'Wayne's World') and a scientist (Bronson Pinchot aka Balky from 'Perfect Strangers') team up to create robot legs for horses so they don't have to be killed when their legs break. Unfortunately, their first subject masters the roundhouse kick and seeks revenge on all humans after years of abuse. Tagline -- "Bareback and ready for payback!" or "Saddle up for revenge!"
  • 'Tornadosaurus Rex' - Twin sisters Becky and Kelly (played by Wendy the Snapple Lady and Tootie from 'The Facts of Life') must save their trailer park -- and the world -- from a Tyrannosaurus Rex who can travel through time and wreak havoc by shape-shifting into a tornado. Also starring Dustin "Screech" Diamond as Colonel Corn. Tagline -- "The storm of the century just got hungry."

Whether or not they use my ideas, they seem to be pretty good at coming up with pretty bad ideas, which is fun for everybody. 'Sharknado,' starring Tara Reid (The drunk chick from 'The Big Lebowski' and 'American Pie') and Ian Ziering (that dude that played a 40-year old high schooler in 'Beverly Hills: 90210') premieres this Thursday (July 11th) at 9p ET. Check out the horrible-riffic trailer below.