I believe everyone has fantasized about how they want to quit a job. It has to be something that people will remember! Often the goal is to embarrass the company or work place as much as possible. This guy is definitely in the top 10!

According to reports from the Depew, NY area, the manager of a Taco Bell/KFC restaurant was a bit pissed about not getting the 4th of July off even though he worked the 22 days previous to the holiday.  So his monumental way of quitting was to use the store sign to write "I Quit - Adam."   The message also contained a quick phrase with a 4-letter word and a smiley face.  He is now my hero!

Personally, if I ever quit you can believe that Maggie's desk will be up in flames before I make my grand exit.

With a story like this, we definitely have to pay tribute to one of the best!  Thank you "Half Baked!"