Fat Cat Holds Oregon Family Hostage, Hear 911 Call [VIDEO]
An Oregon family called 911 after their 22-pound cat scratched their 7-month-old baby and appeared ready to attack them next. Terrified, the family locked themselves in a bedroom and claim they were held hostage by the feline. Apparently this pussy cat is not so sweet, actually it sounds pretty darn…
Wife’s Facebook Snooping Ends With 911 Call
If you are in a relationship, chances are you have snooped around your significant others Facebook page.  It happens.  Usually not to this extent though.
A Florida man called 911 when his wife refused to go to bed and let him browse Facebook alone.  Doyle Hardwick, 57, tried enticing h…
Man Dials 911 For More Booze
I think Chris Monroe was a little intoxicated the other night, but didn't want to stop drinking. Well, he decided to be responsible and call for a ride. We have video proof.