Camera Catches Car Falling Off Of Overpass [VIDEO]
I am someone who hates driving when the roads are snow covered. I stay in if I can, but I cannot exactly work from home, so if I cannot get a ride in, I drive. Never do I take the expressways if the roads are snow covered or icy. Watching this video is precisely the reason why I don't.
Truck Flies Through The Air Like a Scene Out of a Movie [VIDEO]
Here's something you don't see everyday while driving down the highway. This truck comes from out of nowhere and literally flies through the air before crashing and going up in flames. This must be a case where the driver fell asleep behind the wheel but not entirely sure, crazy video eith…
Man Falls From Cliff While Posing For Picture [VIDEO]
No matter where we go, or what we are doing, we want to be photographed. Everything we do must be documented right? It didn't happen if we can't put it on Facebook! Watch as two rock climbers pose for a pic. Let's just say one of the guys may not be in the shot.
Luckiest Semi-Truck Drivers Ever [VIDEO]
We all have watched accidents caught on tape, however this one is a must see. It is amazing that these two Russian truck drivers were not hurt. Watch one driver go through the windshield and land right on his feet!