Man Has Half A Head [VIDEO]
A Miami, Florida man is using his head to warn others about the dangers of drinking, drugging and driving.
Carlos "Halfy" Rodriguez lost half of his skull and brain after he was involved in a horrific car accident. Rodriguez was thrown from the vehicle and landed on his head. This h…
The ‘Oh My God’ Beer Bomb
I love my booze but even this would be too much for me.  For those of you that think you can hang with this, here is what is in it:

Starts with a "Flaming Dr. Pepper"
into an "Irish Car Bomb"
into a "Saki Bomb"
and finishing with a "Boi…
Heavy Drinking And Loud Music Linked In New Study
Ever wonder why it's easier to throw back a few extra beers when your favorite band is rocking the stage? It's not because you're an alcoholic...well, you might be -- but a recent study uncovered that there are some scientific reasons behind that as well.
Dog Trained To Fetch Vodka
Most dogs suck.  I mean, they'll bring you a ball back, but really, what are you going to do with a ball?  I know what you'd do if a dob brought you a bottle of Vodka, and that's get Ukrainian drunk.  Watch the most useful dog in the world do his best trick.
‘Stay Sober’ Pill In Development
A pill that eliminated all the effects alcohol on lab rats may one day be available to humans.
Researchers fed the rodents — who react to alcohol similarly to how people do — the new drug after having them consume enough booze to stumble and fall down. Then they measured the rod…
Alcohol Deadlier Than Aids
It seems hard to believe, booze might be the most dangerous thing in the world.  I'm not saying you'd be safer going out for Aids instead of going out for drinks, but maybe you should try to avoid them both.