CIA Finally Acknowlegdes The Existence of Area 51 [VIDEO]
Whether it's UFOs, aliens, time travel or test planes for the US government, Area 51 in Nevada has long been talked about in the extraterrestrial and conspiracy theory communities. We all new it existed but only until recently the CIA finally acknowledges that existence.
Movie Promises to Unveil Real Alien [VIDEO]
Most movies or documentaries about Aliens or E.T.'s usually fail to deliver the goods when saying that they have pictures or actual footage of Alien beings (cue the grainy home video clips and quickly moving laser pointers in the sky) However, this one might actually deliver.
Science Could Be Close to Mapping Out Alien Worlds
Scientists are making revolutionary advancements in how they study alien planets. Recently, astronomers discovered that they could use the process of reflecting starlight in order to create composite maps of unknown worlds that would enable them to define pertinent aspects of planetary life, such as…
Is A UFO Using The Sun For Energy?
Well space nerds, you might have something to get excited about. Check out this video that shows a large circular mass, tethered to the sun, possibly drawing solar energy from it.
Fran Drescher Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens
Tony LaBrie is going to be jealous! I don't know anyone who is interested in aliens more than Tony. He wouldn't have to be abducted, he would go willingly.
Many people have claimed to be abducted and taken into the "mother ship" to be poked and prodded by aliens. Now actress Fran Drescher i…
Creepy Alien Video
According to some, Aliens have been visiting Earth since the dawn of humanity.  According to others, people are stupid and will believe anything.  Regardless what you believe, this video is probably going to creep you out.
Alien Body Found In Russia [VIDEO]
Over in Mother Russia, there is a UFO hot spot.  Locals say the witness UFO's fly by frequently and now they say one of the UFOs have crashed and they have the dead body of an alien visitor.
UFO Mass Sightings Increase [VIDEO]
If you know me, you know I'm a UFO junkie. I love watching videos on UFO sightings, TV shows and anything alien related. Some of the sightings on this video are absolutely incredible! Believer or not, you will find this very interesting.
World Wide UFO sightings are escalating at an incredible r…
UFO Seen In Colorado Town [VIDEO]
All of the believers(Tony LaBrie) will be referencing this video for years to come.  About a week ago, in Lafayette, Colorado, video was taken of 3 red lights in a triangular pattern, floating above the town.  Is it an alien spaceship or is it 3 red lights?   Check the video and …