Elephant Uses Smart Phone
Seven year olds have smart phones, so why shouldn't elephants? Watch this pachyderm multi-tusk and actually play with a Samsung Galaxy Note.
Panda Pees On Other Panda’s Face
Some people are really into urinating on each other, but you're on the internet, so you probably already know that.  Its called Urolagnia and apparently, it's crossed over into the world of pandas.  Check these freaks out.
Brutal Battle Of Monkey Against Cat
Monkeys and cats might not sound like two of natures deadliest animals, but when wild animals are forced into confrontation, the results can be brutal. Watch these two savage beasts involved a battle that left the human bystanders stunned.
White Claw Bear Has Mad Ninja Skills
Bears are pretty scary.  They're friggin huge, they would eat you in a heartbeat, and now they are learning Kung Fu.  Check out this White Claw Bear bust out some sweet staff tricks.
Cat Massages Pug [VIDEO]
I am not really a cat person or even a dog person for that matter, but combine the two and involve a massage and you have the recipe for cute! Apparently this pug and cat are housemates and have been caught on film before being all sorts of adorable. Well, the dynamic duo are back with another rubdo…
Grizzly Bear Vs Wolf
Be warned, this video is not for everyone.  It features two of natures deadliest creatures in a bloody, brutal, violent battle that both creatures were lucky enough to walk away from.  By no means is it the most adorable video ever.
Elephant Bitch Slaps Dude
I never understand why people mess with animals.  Especially wild animals, that are friggin elephants.  But for some reason or another, this dude thinks it's a good idea to mess with an elephant while it was eating.  Dude is lucky he's not dead.
Woman Attacked By Zebra
If I think about a zebra, I don't think Texas.  The girl in this particular video was totally not thinking about a zebra when one stuck its head through a car window and bit her.
The girl identified as Megan, according to the Daily Mail, is completely freaked when a zebra at a resort in the…
Animals Acting Like Dicks
Animals are lucky, because nobody is going to sue them for being a bully. Animals do what they want, when they want. Or at least the ones in this video do.

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