Michigan Uber Driver Charged After Passenger Is Stabbed
A Michigan Uber driver is being charged with assault after allegedly stabbing a passenger. 23-year-old Jacob Allemon, was arraigned in court on Sunday after the incident. It all happened Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m. in a Bloomfield Township parking lot.
Man Attacked For Recording A Bickering Couple [VIDEO]
This might be my favorite video of the week. This guy was recording a couple that were arguing at the bus stop. After a second, the old lady noticed that he was recording them. When she knew that he was, she whacked him with her cane. This dude didn't even flinch.
Ohio Father Attacks Daughter’s Killer In Courtroom [VIDEO]
I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like in a situation like this. This man was addressing the court on behalf of his family at the sentencing of his daughter's killer. During the hearing, the murderer can be seen smirking, which enraged the father enough to go on the attack.
Trump Protester Tries To Rush Stage At Ohio Rally [VIDEO]
At a recent rally on Saturday, Donald Trump was speaking at a rally at an airport. In the middle of his speech, a man jumps the guard rail and tries to rush the stage. The police and security guards were able to grab him before he was able to do it. If you watch him before he jumps, he looks as if h…
Drunk Chick Attacks Uber Driver, Empties Car [VIDEO]
I don't know how someone would want to be an Uber driver. It's the business of picking up drunk aholes from what I've seen. This chick is hammered and having an altercation with her driver. After attacking him, she jumps in the car and begins to throw everything in the street.
Great White Attack Near Alcatraz [VIDEO]
This attack caught on tape doesn't get much closer to people at all. While some tourists are checking out the old Alcatraz prison, a seal stops by to say hi. As the seal is swinging right near the dock and all of the people, a great white decided it was lunch time. Definitely a gruesome sight f…
Another High School Football Player Attacks Ref [VIDEO]
High school students are getting pretty brazen nowadays. This is the second time in a few weeks where a high school football player has taken his temper out on a referee. This one is not as bad as the video from last week where too players blindsided the ref though. Even after saying that, it's…
Soccer Fan Kicks Player In Spine During Interview [VIDEO]
Soccer really does have the craziest fans. Watch as this player is being interviewed after a game when the crazy fan attacks. The player is focused on the question when the lunatic comes up from behind and plants his foot right in his spine. The player almost folds in half and goes down hard.
Gorilla In Zoo Tries Breaking Glass To Get To A Family [VIDEO]
The weather is getting better and the zoos are getting more traffic right now. This family was checking out the Silverback Gorilla exhibit when one of the gorilla's took notice. While the children were watching, one of the gorilla's charged the glass. He picked up some speed and ran at the…

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