Michigan Denies Medical Marijuana for Autism
Michigan’s medical marijuana program has taken another hit. Earlier last week, a proposal that would have allowed medicinal cannabis to be used to treat patients with autism was rejected by one of the state’s top regulatory officials.
Flushing 8-Year-Old With Autism Has Book Available On Amazon
While we don't have autism figured out, the recognition and treatment of the condition has come a long way.  People with autism are living happy, productive lives, and Ethan Rice, aged 8 and from Flushing is proof of that.  His book, 'Ethan's Story: My Life With Autism'…
Autistic Man Gets Some Help Singing The National Anthem
For all of the crappy things that happen on the planet, you've gotta take the time to recognize one of the great things.  Watch what happens when an autistic man loses his place in the National Anthem and an entire stadium comes to his aid.