Dad’s ‘How To Fight A Baby’ Video Goes Viral
If you are afraid of your baby, or babies in general this video may help you conquer that fear. Meet Gavin McInnes, he does not let his baby boy intimidate him. The baby appears to be having fun in the video, but there are a few parts in it that have concerned some viewers. Watch it and let us know …
19-Year Old Male Charged With Shaking Baby to Death [VIDEO]
This is beyond comprehension. I don't think you have to be a parent to realize how tragic this is, you just have to have a heart and clearly this a-hole does not. Daquan Davis of New Jersey, is charged with manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child after he allegedly shook his girlfri…
Robotic Rubber Vagina Gives Birth [VIDEO]
Vaginas are pretty awesome, so I'm not surprised that somebody made a robot version of them.  I am surprised it's being used for practicing baby delivery, not practicing baby making.  Check out the horrifying video.
Python Bites Baby in Crib
A one-year-old Indiana baby is recovering after being bit by a python.  The snake escaped from another apartment nearby, slithered on into the baby's crib, wrapped itself around the kids leg and bit him!

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