Kid Tastes Bacon For First Time #ADDICTED [VIDEO]
I do not know anyone who does not like bacon. I don't eat meat very often (insert joke here), but I do enjoy turkey bacon from time to time. Watch as this little cutie pie tries bacon for the very first time. Clearly he is hooked. He can thank his parents later in life for his clogged arteries!
Man Cooks Bacon With M16 [VIDEO]
Could this be a new cooking show for the Food Network? Probably more like an episode of 'Party Down South'. I doubt this guy has this gun specifically for cooking bacon, but that is what he shows us in this video. I am scared and impressed at the same time.
The All Bacon Burger is a Giant Chunk of Heaven [VIDEO]
These guys always come up with some amazing meals but this one is for the true bacon lover. The all bacon burger is exactly that, bacon everything! From bacon wrapped buns to bacon wrapped onion rings, this bad boy packs a punch with 63,098 calories and 5,162 grams of fat.

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