Great Lakes Loons Advance To Championship For First Time Ever
Looks like the Great Lakes Loons baseball team has set a new record for themselves. The team made it to the championship for the first time in their 10 year history. The Loons took out the West Michigan White Caps in the Eastern Division Final to secure their spot in the championship.
Player Hits Grand Slam And Breaks His Own Windshield [VIDEO]
What are the odds of this? This minor league baseball player rocked a grand slam during a recent game. After the crowd settled down, and the celebrations and the game were over, he found something out. That same ball he launched over the fence smash the windshield of his truck.
Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Daughter [VIDEO]
This is a pretty impressive catch from this dad. When you are anywhere in public with kids, there is always a bunch of things going on at once. This guy was watching the game while holding his sleeping daughter and having some hot dogs and was still able to catch this foul shot.
Tigers Fan Catches Five Foul Balls In One Game [VIDEO]
Baseball season is back and there is nothing like catching a game at Comerica Park. Yesterday, this season ticket holder snagged five foul balls throughout the game. After catching them, he gave them away to children at the game. Just one of the many things that makes a Tiger game and a day in Detro…
Woman Gets Nailed With Baseball At Cubs-Pirates Game [VIDEO]
Jesus this looks painful! Watch as a fan at the Cubs-Pirates game yesterday gets whacked in the head by a foul ball. The woman had her back to the ball field when she was hit. I don't know if she even would have seen the ball coming if she were facing the other way. The game was delayed after t…

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