The Most Brutal Home Plate Collision Ever
During this Double-A Easter League playoff game, this play at the plate had to be the highlight of the game.  While it's not uncommon to see a play like this, it is pretty uncommon that both players damn near get knocked out.
A Guy Breaks Baseball Record, Forgets One ‘Minor’ Detail [VIDEO]
A guy named Zach Hample tried to break a world record by catching a baseball dropped from a helicopter 1,000 feet up. Hample wore full catchers gear for safety, as the ball was travelling at 95mph when it reached the ground. After seemingly losing sight of the ball several times, Hample leaned back …
College Player Hit By Pitch Really Takes One For The Team [VIDEO]
We've all seen baseball players get hit by a pitch at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes a toss gets away from a pitcher, he loses control and the batter gets hit by accident. Other times, the pitcher may have an issue with someone and they get beaned on purpose. I'm at least 83% …
Home Run First of its Kind in 50 Years [VIDEO]
Ok, I know lead off home runs happen everyday in the MLB. Even fewer are the number of lead off lead off home runs that happen on the very first pitch of the game. This home run meets both the criteria. So, what makes it so special?

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