The Week In Sports Recap 4/9/12
April is one of the better months in sports, considering that we are looking at NHL and NBA playoffs, the start of the baseball season, and a tradition unlike any other, The Masters.  Check out my thoughts on what's going on around the sporting world.
Funny Video Questioning the Yankees Sexuallity
The Yankees are right up there with Ohio State and the Blackhawks when it comes to teams that can suck it.  The Tigers are looking to end their season tonight and I couldn't be more pumped.  Check out this video if you need more proof of the douchbaggery going on in NY.
Guy Gets Hit in Nuts from Homerun Ball
This even made me hurt!  How can you have such great seats at a game and not pay attention.  You are in prime spot to catch a home run.  You are in the front row.  And it's the 9th inning.  Serves him right for being stupid.   I think violent nut shots are the…
Foul Ball Vs Woman’s Face
If you're going to a baseball game, you need to have your head on the swivel.  You never know when you're going to in the line of fire, which is why I think everyone should be obligated to wear a glove in the stadium.  You don't wanna end up like this lady.
Threeway Stadium Makeout Caught On Camera
This honestly might be my favorite video of all time(porn excluded).  It has so many awesome elements to it, it almost seems fake.  It was filmed in the 90's and features jean shorts and people who have no shame whatsoever.

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