bath salts

Teen High on Bath Salts Goes Nuts After Crashing Car [VIDEO]
Here's more proof why bath salts are the craziest thing you would ever want to put in your body. This kid crashes through a fence and a house before flipping out as this cop tries to figure out what the hell happened. Just watch the movement and sounds this kid makes, scary as hell.
12 Signs You’re High on ‘Bath Salts’
The “Miami Face Eater” has raised new concerns about a problem that has gone relatively unnoticed in America, and the weird part is that it ISN’T face eating.
Apparently, a street drug called “bath salts,” a combination of three common chemicals, can create violent tende…
Former Bath Salt Addict Relives Overdose [VIDEO]
This video should scare the hell out of you!  Bath Salts are a terrible drug that make you hallucinate, cause paranoia, chest pains and you may even feel suicidal according to WebMD.  You can see for yourself the terrible effects of the drug in this video of Freddy Sharp who luckily surviv…
Guy Really High On Bath Salts In Back Of Cop Car
Bath salts will f--- you up!  This is why I stay away from drugs as much as possible.  All I need is some beer to act like this...I can only imagine how I would act on those.  I've seen people do some messed up things on drugs but none of them were ever this out of it.  Chec…