Bad Design Locks Woman In Bathroom Stall [VIDEO]
If you're a parent, sometimes you wouldn't mind being locked in the bathroom and get a little peace and quiet. Public bathrooms on the other hand, are not the places you want to spend time. After this lady was finished in the stall, she tried leave but was stuck inside. We can blame this o…
Drunk Chick Uses Men’s Bathroom Sink to Pee In [VIDEO]
Being a man, I've always appreciated the fact that I can just pee whenever and where ever I want to.  Women don't have it so lucky, thanks to the fact that they have a much harder time aiming.  This chick didn't let that or long lines to the ladies room stop her, as she kept…
Super Mario Brothers Bathroom
Most people think of the bathroom as a place to shower and crap. This chick saw her bathroom as a place to shower and crap and to be an obsessed geek.