Beer Pong

‘Roomba Pong’ Is The Next Big Thing For Your Summer [VIDEO]
Just when you think that beer pong couldn't get any better, this happens. These brilliant people had two Roomba's and figured out a way to change the game forever. After a few normal games I use to think the cups were moving. Now, they actually are. Now I just need to find some friends wit…
Idiot Attempts Second Story Beer Pong Dunk [VIDEO]
The alcohol is winning again. This guy though it would be a good idea to go upstairs and play beer pong. After drunkenly climbing over the edge, with the ball in his mouth, he hangs there for a minute and drops. As you can imagine, it didn't go the way he wanted it to.
Montage of Amazing Beer Pong Shots Will Boggle Your Mind [VIDEO]
Even if you're like me and don't drink, you got to admit that beer pong is a pretty awesome game. Drunk or sober it takes a certain amount of skill to land the ball into the cup. That why I know this collection of amazing, crazy, damn-near impossible shots is guaranteed to leave everyone s…
The Beer Pong Arcade Machine, S— Just Got Real
College night will never be the same.  I'm a huge fan of bar games.  Darts, pool, air hockey, shuffleboard, the list goes on and on.  Now, we have stepped it up a notch.  All the awesomeness of beer pong and none of the mess.  By the way, by birthday is coming up (wink,…
Robot Beer Pong [VIDEO]
Forget what you heard, nerds love to party.  But they have to do it in the nerdiest way possible.  Check out this beer pong match between 2 robots.