Pizza Hut Testing Beer Flavored Pizza [VIDEO]
Do you think beer pairs well with pizza? I do! Pizza Hut is currently testing a pizza infused with beer in London. No word yet if that pie will make it across the pond to us - we can only hope it does. Could tequila infused tacos be next? I can only hope!
Singer Catches Beer While Crowd Walking [VIDEO]
Someone told me this video is old. I just saw it today, so maybe you missed it too. Watch as David Achter de Molen, lead singer of the Dutch band John Coffey crowd walks and actually catches a beer that was thrown at him. True rock star moment for sure!
Self-Serve Beer Could Be Coming to Michigan [VIDEO]
Self-serve beer could be on its way to Michigan. A recent report from The Detroit News gives us hope for an otherwise depressing society – “tableside devices so customers can tap their own drinks such as wine, or a "wall of beer" where they can draw a favorite amber or …
Michigan Brewer’s Breakfast Stout Banned in New Hampshire
A Michigan brewer’s sudsy concoction has been banned in New Hampshire because it shows an image of a baby on the bottle. Founder’s Brewing Company out of Grand Rapids is not permitted to sell their Breakfast Stout in the Granite State due to a law that prohibits the sale of alcoholic bev…

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