Singer Catches Beer While Crowd Walking [VIDEO]
Someone told me this video is old. I just saw it today, so maybe you missed it too. Watch as David Achter de Molen, lead singer of the Dutch band John Coffey crowd walks and actually catches a beer that was thrown at him. True rock star moment for sure!
Self-Serve Beer Could Be Coming to Michigan [VIDEO]
Self-serve beer could be on its way to Michigan. A recent report from The Detroit News gives us hope for an otherwise depressing society – “tableside devices so customers can tap their own drinks such as wine, or a "wall of beer" where they can draw a favorite amber or …
Michigan Brewer’s Breakfast Stout Banned in New Hampshire
A Michigan brewer’s sudsy concoction has been banned in New Hampshire because it shows an image of a baby on the bottle. Founder’s Brewing Company out of Grand Rapids is not permitted to sell their Breakfast Stout in the Granite State due to a law that prohibits the sale of alcoholic bev…
Turn Your Pumpkin Into a Beer Keg [VIDEO]
This time of year people are pumpkin crazy. Between eating and drinking pumpkin flavored crap and Halloween most of us are beginning to morph into pumpkin people! Well here is one more thing for you to do with a pumpkin - turn it into a keg. You are welcome.

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