Man Can Carry 27 Beers At One Time [VIDEO]
You can set a world record for just about anything. Chris Monroe breaks cigarette smoking records daily around here. While Chrissy is busy puffing away here in Flint, Oliver Struempfel was busy breaking a record of his own! Oliver can carry 27 beers at one time! How does he do it?
Michigan Ranks 10th for Beer-Related Jobs
Beer has been the salvation’s wing of society for thousands of years, and now a new report suggests that the sudsy beverage continues to contribute to the greater good of the people right here in Michigan.
Former Michigan Brew Scientist Says We Need Longer-Lasting Head
The majority of brew connoisseurs and wild-eyed drunkards never stop to consider the science behind the head they get with beer. No, we are not talking about the kind of head you might get while sucking down massive amounts of cheap draft beer in the back alley of a local dive bar, but the head that…
New Beer Brewed with Actual Brains
We have a ton of fancy, fun beer to choose from in Michigan.  From dark brews to IPA's, you can get just about any type brew, but none that I know of are flavored with actual brains.  A brewing company in Philadelphia recently released something creepy enough to celebrate the finale o…
Man Opens Beer With A Shotgun [VIDEO]
Obviously I do not recommend that you attempt this stunt. I have no idea who this guy is or why he is doing this, other than the fact that he can. Again, DO NOT TRY THIS, BUT if you do, send me the video of you attempting it. But really, don't do it!
Husband Stabbed by Wife With Squirrel [VIDEO]
We talk a lot about how the most jacked up stuff seems to always happen in Florida, well South Carolina just put themselves in the running for that title in 2014. This chick was arrested for "Assault with a deadly squirrel" after she sent her husband out for beer and he came home e…

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