Man Opens Beer With A Shotgun [VIDEO]
Obviously I do not recommend that you attempt this stunt. I have no idea who this guy is or why he is doing this, other than the fact that he can. Again, DO NOT TRY THIS, BUT if you do, send me the video of you attempting it. But really, don't do it!
Husband Stabbed by Wife With Squirrel [VIDEO]
We talk a lot about how the most jacked up stuff seems to always happen in Florida, well South Carolina just put themselves in the running for that title in 2014. This chick was arrested for "Assault with a deadly squirrel" after she sent her husband out for beer and he came home e…
Thief Apologizes For Years of Stolen Beer [VIDEO]
A Cincinnati couple have suspected for years that someone in their neighborhood has been stealing beer from their poolside/patio refrigerator. Well, turns out they were right. But their suspicions were confirmed only after the thief admitted to it through an anonymous note he left on the couple…

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