Grandma Downs Beer Bong on Plane to Cabo [VIDEO]
I've heard "you're never to old to teach an old dog new tricks", but this is ridiculous! Check out this rockin' granny as she steps up to the plate and downs one from the ol' beer bong on her flight to Cabo San Lucas.
What Are Beer Beer Goggles? [VIDEO]
In honor of St. Patrick's Day coming I give a video that features some guys and there true passion for beer. Although after having a few too many beers the other not so attractive beers in the room start to look better and better. Come on guys, you know we've all been there.
Man’s Greatest Lounge Chair Refills Your Beer
I need one of these ASAP, my birthday is in April so make it happen.  This is one of the greatest chairs known to man.  The chair has a special rig in the arm rest that refills your beer.  I would drink the entire keg, glass by glass, just to see this magical contraption at work.
Official White House Beer Recipe Revealed
People worked themselves up into such a fizz over news that the President brews his own beer that the White House decided to share its recipe. You may not be able to debate like Obama, but now you can drink like him!

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